Monday, August 04, 2008

Wednesday July 16th

i woke up to the song:

"good morning good morning good morning it's time to rise and shine"

which, when we lived there, our office inter dave parker actually sang every morning. these losers were using a recording! okay, they aren't losers. i wouldn't have sang it either but it made me miss the days when we were all there.

it's good waking up at woodleaf. even if it was stinking early in the morning.

hung out in the 'gauz pad' where my friend tim the medic was volunteering as the camp medic. had lunch in the dining hall. of all the days i was there, it was pizza day. woodleaf normally has amazing food. however, i hate pizza. HATE pizza. it's the core of all evil as far as i'm concerned.

made a visit to the camp store for some loot. stopped in the 'sugar barrel' for a 'whirley' and then had to say my good byes to get to san jose to meet my other friend tim for dinner. seriously the two people i go to visit in norcal (northern california) are both tim. sad i know. so i head down the mountain and head into the city. which, i actually love that drive too so that was fun.

met tim at his place which is IN-CREDIBLE. tim is very artsy and extremely talented musician so i wouldn't guess him to live in any old place but his place is great! it's a loft apartment that has concrete floors and HUGE windows that overlook san jose with his recording studio dead center in the room. it's very cool plus, he works for apple so he has more apple products in his place than majority of apple stores.

we headed out to dinner which was - hallelujah - sushi! it was incredible. however, i let him order. risky friends. risky. i heard him order 'spider rolls' which by name alone is just wrong. so they come to the table and they are sushi rolls with softshell crab legs sticking out of them like spider legs. no joke. but, i'll try anything once so i tried them, loved them and now i'm hooked.

after dinner, we tried to figure out what to do for desert and we decided to get something and go back to his place to watch a movie. he asked if there were any movies i wanted to see again and i reminded him that i'm the girl he made fun of for never seeing star wars. seriously. not one of them. he said, that just made him want to watch star wars, but said he wouldn't make me see it. i offered and said, we really don't have to and then he said, which was really funny, "when a girl is willing to watch star wars with you, you don't pass. you watch it. we are watching it!" so, we went to the grocery, picked up some lemon sorbet and raspberry sorbet and headed back to his place. and, ladies and gentlemen, i've seen star wars. well, one of them.

then, i slept on the couch and he went up to bed. because of how his apartment is, there are no walls, it was like a slumber party. i'm pretty sure we actually were giggling. it was pretty funny. but now i know exactly how i want my next apartment!


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