Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday July 14th - 911

on monday i didn't make any plans, i was going to drive to woodleaf tuesday morning so i wanted to get the video for merediths wedding done so i stayed home all day at my aunt eileens house (in my old room) editing the video. FOR HOURS. so, at one point, i took a break and went out to talk to my aunt eileen then went back to my room. after about 20 minutes i heard a faint voice so i opened my door and she was horizontal, on her bed, moaning in pain. within 20 minutes! she was fine when we were talking! so fred - her son - and i were in the room with her, she called her daughter to come over but she was in so much pain i asked if i should call 911.

now, a little family history lesson here. my grandpas side of the family is HORRIBLY stubborn (well, so is the holt side but that's neither here nor there!) i knew that by asking her if i should call 911 and if she says no, i would have to wait until she passed out OR she would wrestle the phone away from me. no kidding.

so she said no. i asked a couple minutes later. no... then it happened. she said, "you better just call katie because i don't think i'm going to make it." HOLY %$#%^ okay so i call. i hate 911. my family doesn't have good history with 911. so i fill them in, she says they are on their way and we're good, we just have to wait. then, aunt eileen starts throwing up. so she was perfectly fine, to horizontal and throwing up within 30 minutes. i'm not qualified for this.

the ambulance and fire truck show up and it was like an abercrombie commercial threw up on the front yard. you have got to be kidding me. the day i stay home, don't shower and i'm wearing yoga pants... spectacular.

her daughter paulette shows up and doesn't take any of it seriously. just says, "she'll be fine it's just gas." not gonna lie, i've had gas and it's never looked like that before. (i blame that on my holt side!)

sure enough they take her in. terrifying. i don't do well with this stuff.

**flash forward she's fine, she was released after i came home. but she was in the hospital for close to two weeks.

i stayed home the rest of the day with fred. it's a good thing i was home for the day. everything happens for a reason!


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