Monday, August 04, 2008

Tuesday July 15th

visited aunt eileen in the hospital. she knew i was supposed to go to northern california that morning so when i saw her (and paulette was there too) she asked me, "you're still going up north, right?" and when i said, "i don't know if i should go now" she said, "you're going"

so i went home, packed a bag quickly and hit the road for northern california. let me just say that between LA and the bay area, it's pretty equal to iowa. honestly. it was so dull! saw more cows than i thought possible in one location. also, everything is brown this time of year. not pretty. so... six hours of nothing, then two hours of city and then one hour of mountains and i arrived at woodleaf.

my heart beat faster the closer i got to camp. literally. didn't know it would do that.

got there, walked into the dining hall to find my friend tim the medic, hung out there and then it was tableau (tablow) night. now, for you non-young-life-camp people, that means that everyone dresses country, they have a square dance - seriously - and then they all go in the pool in their clothes. for campers is so much fun. for staff it's a logistical nightmare.

**flash back, i remember one week when i was there that as the camera person, i set the camera down to go in after a camper. during one of the weeks that the kids from oakland were there, people started going in and then people started getting pushed and a lot of the kids couldn't swim and were getting pushed in the deep end. it was ugly. i think that's also the night we did the drug raid and there was a lock down. SO GREAT!**

so i just sat up on the pool deck and watched the square dance with my friend tim. he pointed out the interns. tim was an intern during one of the summers i was up there. so we were thinking back to when it was the cool kids that lived in the faulk house (seriously, that was the name of our house. it's historical. "faulk house. if you say it too fast, you're swearing!" it was so fun to be there and enjoy everything woodleaf is. it made me miss it. it made me miss camping ministry.

tim and i drove around a bit and stayed up talking about how i feel like a loser in life. seriously! it was such a great conversation!! ha ha ha he laughed at me, a lot. it was great!


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