Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday July 7-10th

monday night we headed out to dodger stadium to see the dodgers play the braves. it was so much fun to go. we got great tickets for $11. we had so much fun laughing and avoiding drunk guys. also, i experienced garlic fries for the first time. i'm pretty confident that we could have scared away vampires just by walking to the car. wowza!

tuesday - we hung out at merediths house after not getting my rental car as planned. long story not worth telling but i had $400 cash, literally cash, in my hand and they said no. after they told me to go get cash. seriously. so that night, mike invited us down to downtown to california pizza kitchen for dinner. my favorite salad in the world is at CPK. it's the bbq chicken salad. AMAZING. then. THEN because meredith was marrying an incredible guy, he ordered us the red velvet cake to share. phenomenal! what was so funny was that we were moving meredith out of her house in LA all day, meredith worked out and didn't have time to shower before dinner so she sprayed some body spray before we left the house. when we got there, mike was hugging meredith from behind with his head on her shoulder and said, "mmm you smell like cupcakes." to which meredith said, "well that's awesome." and we all laughed and then a few minutes later, while sitting in the booth, mike leans over and puts his head on her shoulder and then looks at her and "wait, what happened to the cupcake smell??" to which meredith looked at us and said, "well shoot"

wednesday - we drove merediths stuff from LA to glendora. went to the cupcake place to pay and finalize the bill before the wedding and then to johnny carino's to finalize the catering stuff. had a lot of laughs. met rachel and steph for dinner. the manager there likes us so much that she gave us all of our food and everything for free. it was so great!

thursday - we headed to the mall for some errands and on our way home got a text from kristi that said, "be here at 7 and wear your best dress" so meredith and i dressed up in her old prom dresses and walked down main street in down town glendora to get to kristis house. turns out that her husband and her had never been to a prom so kristi got home from work and josh had set up a prom in their living room. he was all dressed up and she got dressed up and then we just laughed and danced and then went back to merediths parents house and watched a movie.

me, rachel, meredith and leah at the dodger game

dodger stadium

view from our seats

meredith and leah sad that meredith is moving out of their house. they were HYSTERICAL with these pictures!

this is the fake prom. amazing right???


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