Monday, August 04, 2008

Thursday July 3rd - Ambers Anniversary :)

do you know how strange it is to go from camping one night to staying in the MGM Grand the next? it's... strange.

also, the MGM Grand is HUGE. i felt like i had to hike from the elevator to my room and i felt like i should have packed water! i got to the room and they had those luke warm bottles of fiji water that sell for $8 in a hotel room but $1.79 at 7-11.

and, if you've ever seen the MGM Grand, you know that it glows green on the outside... and apparently on the inside. i felt like i was sleeping in the jolly green giant!

we packed up and headed out. my sister and brother-in-law adam were nice enough to drive me from eagle river to green bay airport to catch my flight to las vegas.


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