Friday, February 17, 2006

so, a quick note. i go to demo how different web sites look different in different browsers. firefox vs. safari, netscape vs. firefox, that kind of thing. and i think..."blogger has a good example of that. some things show up differently in one than the other, i'll call up my sisters blog. she always has good pictures of the kids or funny stories, that'll work..." so, i call up, and what do i see?

bravo. well played. luckily, as i open this (and all of this happens in slow motion) my eyes get huge (because i'm showing this little old man what internet can do) and at the same time a store alarm goes off and he looks away before he can see what the image is. and at the same time, i think, "i think i'm going to puke."

i love it though. i've showed it to a bunch of people who say, "and that's a church?" its cool to get that reaction. at least i think it is.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

okay, i have to make this quick because i'm at work. and for crying out loud, the harrassment.

okay, my life in a nutshell...

i still can't find a place to live because aparently here, people want to charge more than what you make in three months for one months rent. it's interesting.... so, pray that i find a pet friendly affordable place to live. and soon. my mom is coming out to visit and bringing my dog in t-...i don't on april 1st.

things went well with the store opening. we had so much fun. here is the link for the pictures....

a couple things to prove that it is a 'small world after all....'

i hung out with my friend meredith (from high school) who now lives here and as the night went on, we figured out that she's friends and goes to church with one of the guys (jason) that i work with. odd connection. so, i'm friends with a group of oddly connected group of people.

at this same outting, a friend of merediths was talking about her ski trip for christmas where she didn't fit in because she was hanging out with all of her cousins. (she is philipino, i think) and she didn't fit in because they are all dutch. i mention i'm dutch and went to a dutch school and she asks where. i say calvin, she says, "all my siblings went there and my parents met there!" again, we knew some of the same people. i love dutch bingo we were a couple degrees off of knowing kevin bacon.

then, a couple nights later, jason calls me and says that he is going to dinner with a friend of his who may be looking for an apartment in huntington beach. great. so, i go and meet her. she's from michigan. i mention that i went to calvin. she mentions that she did too. CREEPY. we know the same people. on her trip form MI to CA she actually stayed with a few of the same people that i'm friends with. very very odd. i LOVE it

so, that's it in a nutshell. fun times. possibly more later. probably not since i'll be looking for an apartment.

hmmm. yeah, thats all.