Thursday, August 30, 2007

i just wrote this whole long post about how i've had a few rough days and then thought, you know what. that stuff doesn't matter.

however, i will share the story about how i was driving my friends audi s4 and dented it this weekend. i was sitting at a stop sign, checked my blind spots, nothing was there but there wasn't an opening in the traffic so i waited. then, i look right again and no one is there, i look left and there is an opening so i go. and as i accelerate, meredith screams. so i slam on the breaks and as i did, i made contact.

if you'd like to know what i hit... or who... you can send me a message and i'll email you. ha ha, talk about a cliff hanger. my sister told me that i should be careful for legal reasons. that sounds so funny to me. don't worry. all is well.

my friends were amazing about it too. i can't even explain how amazing and gracious and understanding my friends were. as amber says, 'they are the only reason it's okay for me to live in california.' i totally agree. they are the best friends a girl can have.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

okay, well, long story short, it turns out that i seem to have some alergy issues. pretty funny if you ask me. a couple weeks ago i switched brands of makeup and sure enough, aparently my face doesn't care for it. so, i woke up sunday morning face swollen and still had the zorro rash and i headed over to the clinic to see what i could find out.

the nurse walks in and says, "what brings you in." i point to my face and say, "i don't normally look like this." she said, "i didn't think so but it's safer to ask." ouch.

then the doctor walks in and says, "wow, that's not good." again, ouch. asked me if i switched makeup recently, i said yes, he said, "return it." he then says, "okay, well, i'll give you a shot and we'll put you on some steroids and it clear up by tomorrow." so, he leaves the room and i start trying to talk myself off the cliff of having to get a shot. i don't handle needles very well. so, he walks back into the room and says, "okay, which side would you like it in?" to which i replied, "we're talkin arms right? which arm?" he looked at me and laughed, "nope." aprently the shot is so painful that it has to go into the area right above your butt cheek. not pleasant, friends.

so he says, "okay this will probably hurt a little" i feel the initial pinch and then nothing, i'm thinking i'm getting pretty good at this and then he says, "just so you know, this is a large amount so it's going to hurt worse in a few minutes." no kidding. for the next hour and a half it felt like a midget was running up behind me and punching me repeatedly in the lower back. people probably thought i had serious spasm issues. it was entertaining to say the least.

so, one painful shot, a pack of steroids and a lot of benadryl later... i'm better. we're back to normal and things are well in the world again... well, at least they are well again in south orange county.

in the mean time, here are a couple more pictures from the concert. i didn't realize how long my hair is. crazy!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

okay, so my last post was about the taste thing.  it's come back somewhat but not entirely.  however, i did wake up this morning with my eyes swollen shut and a rash that made me look like i was wearing a red zorro mask.  it was unfortunate to say the least.  i popped some benadryl assuming that it has something to do with an alergic reaction but it has not gone away as of yet.  people all day would think one of two things...1 i had been crying.  not true.  2.  i was on drugs.  not true.  well, i guess kinda true if you count benadryl.  so, i'm laying in bed on a saturday night all doped up benadryl and vicodin, hmmm.

if nothing else, i will be well rested by morning, even if i do look like zorro.

stupid zorro

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

okay, i know i'm a hypochondriac but...

should i be concerned that in the last three days i've lost all sense of taste.  seriously taste nothing.   this is going to drive me bonkers.

aside from that, i just got my first iphone bill.  i was quite worried actually.  as you've seen in the news and on youtube i'm sure, people have been recieving $3000 phone bills and one girl who looks younger than me, got her bill in a BOX.  it was so many pages that they put it in a box.  i was terrified.  not to worry though, it was exactly what i had expected.

ah, a sigh of relief.  

also, my project that i'm editing is officially due one month from today.  i think i might have ulcers - could that be why i can't taste anything???  okay, i'm kidding about that.  but if you have answers for that i'd love to hear them.  i feel like i'm wasting effort on eating forget nutrition, i can't taste anything!

Monday, August 13, 2007

it's official

i'm sick of living in a place they keep naming tv shows after... it's getting old.
1. laguna beach
2. the hills (spin off of laguna beach)
3. newport harbor

are you kidding me?  it's insanity.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

last weekend, meredith and i decided to go to the tim and faith concert this weekend. here are the pictures. honestly, probably the best concert i've ever been to. it was amazing.

we decided to stop for sushi on our way to the concert so i used my handy dandy iphone and found a sushi restaurant on the corner of 'holt ave' (and had the sign been lower, i totally would have stolen the sign). so we had some delicious sushi however, i recommend you know what you're ordering before you do so. i.e. thought i was ordering one kind of crab hand roll and then when it arrived at the table it was totally not what i expected. this was a softshell crab hand roll, and for those of you who know sushi, that means they threw the entire crab in there...claws and all. i about passed out. and i found out that the thought of eating crab claws is equal to the thought of eating chicken off a bone for meredith.

so, we didn't spend obscene amounts of money on our concert tickets so we ended up sitting in the third row from the back. however, it's a hockey arena so there really weren't bad seats. however, from our seat we could see that there were sections of seats on the other side on the ground that had a lot of open seats so, we threw caution to the wind and seat hopped. this is the view from the original seats... the show started with tim and faith doing a duet of 'chasing cars' by snow patrol. it was incredible.

this is mer and i with tim mcgraw... not bad

these are taken from the better seats that we stayed in for the remainder of the concert. it was amazing! we were like ten rows from tim and faith, it was so great!

have i mentioned that tim is hot? cause he is and i love his fish tattoo on the inside of his right arm. serisously hottest man alive.

tim was amazing at how he could work the crowd.

throughout the night they sang a couple duets and they were amazing.

faith is gorgeous and so classy. she is so funny on stage too, if shes walking one way, she'll grab tim and push him out of her way to get where she's going. it was pretty entertaining.

they sang their duet, 'i need you,' and it was incredible and at the end they shared a very passionate kiss and the crowd went wild

they bid the crowd good night and they were off.

amazing show, i'm tempted to go to tonights show too! tonight is the last night of the tour otherwise i would totally recommend going! have fun sharon and ruth!

Friday, August 03, 2007

it was a great day off. it started with meredith coming down to spend the night and hang out with me.

we slept in on thursday morning, eventually rolled out of bed and threw ourselves into the jeep with the top down hoping to get some sun. we had a list of errands to run and we were on our way.

our first stop was the rainbow sandal outlet to pick up some snazzy new sandals. these are the best flip flops you could ever possibly own. the mold to your foot and they last forever. anywhere you go in southern california, if you look down, you're bound to find someone who is wearing rainbows. they are wonderful mer had a pair that needed to be repaired because the stiching came undone on the strap, instead they gave her a new pair. i love these shoes and i wear them with everything.

next stop was picking up a check from a contract job that i had done. no more details needed. getting more money is alsways fabulous.

the next stop was probably the most exciting. we went and bought tim mcgraw and faith hill concert tickets for one week from tonight. i am so excited about this concert i can't even explain myself and we're going to have a blast! we'll be there! cowboy hats and all. and on a side note, i think faith hill calling out the woman who grabbed her husbands 'parts' while he was on stage was totally appropriate and i stand behind her. had it been me i probably would have caused her physical pain. i love faith and tim.

not to mention this was all spent with one of my best friends meredith. i can't even begin to explain how much i love this girl. she has been there in my life for the last 10 years and i think she is the one person who knows every little detail about my life. the dumb, the fun, the crazy and the really really stupid, she knows it. and she loves me anyway. i seem to have a hand full of friends that i know that i could call at the drop of a hat and if the situation called for it, they would be here - and she's one of those friends. we've laughed, we've cried, and we've laughed until we cried. i am so thankful for this girl. we've been to 5 countries together and some of the most memorable moments in my life involve this girl. i could only hope to be more like her, in all honesty. she's such a better person than i am.

camp adventure 1999. one of the highlights of high school was being a camp counselor at camp adventure in north webster indiana. who would have thought i would work there full time after college.

this is a couple years ago in huntington beach

here's a funny story. we were eating dinner in the food court at the mall and we had pizza and salad. it was a bit greasier than we had hoped and we were talking about how you can eat until you feel that limit like you may die if you eat another bite. i had finished eating and mer took one more bite and with her mouth full she got this look on her face like that was the end of the world. she just looked at me and said, 'oh...thats the limit.' at which point it was all down hill. we started laughing hysterically, laughing until we had tears streaming down our cheeks and we had people staring at us from all over the food court. it was so great.

mer had to head home but it was such a great day off.