Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my sister is a dork. ignore the previous post.

I just wanted to get online real quick and let you know how much I absolutely LOVE my big sister, Becky. She has to be the coolest, most awesome, best looking, funniest, best-dressing, most talented, well-spoken, creative genius I know and I just feel privileged to know her. If you haven't had a chance to meet her, you really should try to. It'll be an experience you won't forget. I just can't believe I have to leave this Indiana paradise and go back to stinking Southern California where there just isn't anyone as cool as she is. My heart is breaking, and I'm already counting the days until I can see her again... :(

Friday, May 11, 2007

click here to hear how cinderella was meant to be told by my dad.

if you can't see it, you;ll need to download quicktime and you can get that here.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

man this past weekend wa sa good one. i don't know how it happened but i actually got the weekend off.

friday night there was a party at my friend merediths boyfriends loft in LA. really cool place. it was a new apartment as well as brithday. they are about an hour and ten minutes north of me so i headed out right after work. not gonna lie, i was convinced that my doors would be missing by the time i got back to my car that i had parked in an alley.... it was a little unnerving. i kept going out on the fire escape to make sure my car was still there. it was so great to see meredith. i expect she'll be engaged in no time. and i love her boyfriend mike, he's so wonderful for her. and they are hysterical together. it was so great to see her. we actually stood in the alley for a bit just catching up on life. it's amazing. i live so close and i never see her. i need to be better about that. i blame the martini shaker that i drive.

saturday was a great day off. i went to the gym in the morning and then pretty much slept the remainder of the day. it was fabulous!

sunday, i finally had a sunday off! i got to go to church with sharon and steve and ruth, kevin, kaela, becca, dennis and gloria. really great church service at coast hills community church and then it was such a nice day that we all went sailing. it was incredible. at one point, sharon and ruth and i all sat on the edge dangling our feet in the water and sharon was joking about if we saw a shark and all of a sudden she spots a fin in the water and within seconds we were all in the most uncomfortable position ever trying to get our fee out of the water. imagine sitting on the edge of a chair and then swinging your legs to the right or left to make them equal with your butt. it's not easy. turns out it was a sun fish. pretty funny though. i don't know that i've moved that fast before!

the other bonus pictures are from sharon and steves fish tank. it was a great opportunity to use the underwater camera. pretty cool. those pictures are actually taken from underwater. not bad huh?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

okay okay, i know i haven't blogged in a bit. here's the deal. my job is pretty much like fight club. and what are the two rules about fight club? 1. no talking about fight club. 2. no talking about fight club. so... here is how i can sum it up

big opportunity that turned into a big disappointment
seeking other opportunies
new cool toy
new cool toy announced but not had yet
really really cool new toy in the future...and yes that's public

and that's about all i can say in a public forum. so, if you'd like to know in detail about what's going on or anything in further detail, please feel free to email me.

now, onto the things i can talk about...

suddenly i notice the sound of crickets

i'm thinking about applying to grad schools. well, guess it's not really thinking about it if i'm actually requesting transcripts and filling out applications....so...i'm actually applying to grad schools.

oh, i went to a party in LA last night. it was a lot of fun. merediths boyfriend got a new loft appartment in LA. very very cool. i wish i were that brave to live there, however, i am not. i was actually concerned that i would return to my car, that i parked in an alley, and find it without doors. but, alas all is well and i, as well as my jeep, returned in one piece. it's a good feeling. i miss meredith. she lives about and hour away and still it's such a long hour that i don't get there as often as i wish i could. plus, my little ambitious friend has gone back to school. how insane is that? she graduated in may and is already studying for her masters. she's a full time teacher and she's two years younger than me...i officially feel like i have accomplished absolutely nothing in mylife. wait that's not true...i'm a member of fight club :o)

i finally have a sunday off tomorrow and i get to go to church with my friends steve and sharon in the morning, i'm pretty excited about that.

there was a big fight tonight between floyd mayweather and oscar de la hoya and floyd mayweather won. normally this wouldn't matter to me in the slightest bit but this time it does because i've met him! when i worked at the amway grand plaza hotel in grand rapids, in college, i met him when he checked into his hotel room. two things, the boy can shop like a woman and i specifically remember him wearing a white fur coat of some sort... and the second thing is that he's super short.

i think that's about it. i'll probably have pictures to post later of the party but that's about it for now.

oh yeah, i had the day off today and i started feeling pretty sleepy about 3pm so i figured, i'd take a nap. so, four hours later i woke up and now it's midnight and i have no desire to sleep. i knew that would back fire.