Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm Back!

I know that I've been MIA for a while now but I've been horribly sick. I have gone back to the specialist and have had a CT scan. It was very interesting. It took about 40 seconds and they had the results in about 4 minutes. It was really cool. He found out that I have a severe sinus infection. Every sinus cavity in my head that is supposed to have air in it (insert your joke here) is clogged/blocked/filled with junk from this cold. It's not pretty. He also found out that I don't have the sinus cavity above my eyes. I was born without one. Odd I know but there you have it. So, in the end, I am on a TON of meds. Most importantly, I'm on prednisone (a really nasty steroid) and 4000mg of Augmentin. Its nasty stuff.

I've gone back to work now. I feel like I'm a slug. I'm so medicated that I have no energy and no will to do anything. It's very sad. I overslept this morning by an hour and a half. Because of the steroid, they also prescribed ambien, a sleeping pill, and it doesn't wear off. I take it around 8 and it doesn't wear off until about noon the next day. Its not good.

speaking of which, i've gotta go. aparently the sleeping pills are kicking in...

peace, love...zzz

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

my brush with cocaine

so, i'm still sick. and i'm getting worse. i'm in intense amounts of pain. my mom finally got a hold of our family doctor and he got me in with an ear, nose and throat doctor. so, i show up at his office, he has no personality. he starts asking me whats wrong with me and what meds i'm on and i actually started pulling tons of bottles of meds out of my bag. i've become my worst nightmare. i'm the kind of person who hates to take advil because i think i should be able to handle it on my own, i'm past that point in my life. my new motto? "drug me and drug me good." so, i sit in this odd chair that reminds me of the dentist and he starts poking and proding my nose. it's not pleasant. he then said something that sounded like cocaine and he shoved gauz up my nose. my mom had to look away because it didn't look very comfortable. when he stepped outside the door to talk to a nurse, i jokingly said to my mom, "is it me or did he say something about cocaine?" she said, "it was a local anesthetic, he didn't say anything about cocaine." at the same time that the doctore came back into the room. he turns to her and said, "no, shes right, i used cocaine." i just looked at my mom and tried not to laugh. and i was so proud of my drug free history. anyway. he then stuck a light in my nose, then a tiny little vacuum that made me wish that my life was over. and all he said in the end was, "wow, you're really congested." which, if i didn't have instruments in my mouth and nose, i would have said, "YA THINK?!?" he then said, stay on the anti biotic, take these (some steroid, which i now have night mares of having chest hair) and here is some vicodin for the pain. which, i'm on the vicodin now and to tell you the truth, not that big of a difference between this and excedrine. i'm still in a lot of pain. right before i left, the doctor said that if i'm not better by friday, he's giving me a complimentary CT scan. my mom asked, "why has this gotten ahold of her so badly," to which i responded, "it's called, i quit my job in march and have no insurance." this is the story of my life...

i think i might write a book of all the odd ailments that i've had or do have. i'll title it, "kill me. kill me now."

i'm going to try to sleep. the vicodin has kicked in a little more so i'm starting to zone out...this should be interesting.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

Okay, I'm alive...but just barely

so i've been MIA for a while. first off, i had a scare a while ago where a doctor told me i had skin cancer, in a very nice way i might add. and i had a biopsy about three weeks ago and the results came back negative!! i'm very excited about that! God is good. i'll post pictures soon. if any of you have ever noticed, i have always had a black spot on the top of my forehead and it's gone now. it's weird to see myself without it. i like it. i like it a lot. now i won't have people constantly saying, "you've got a little something..." and then reaching to brush it out of my hair...that never gets old.

i went on vacation to one of my favorite places on earth, eagle river wisconsin. i know, i know. wisconsin? yes. it's fabulous there. it's amazing what being on the lake and watching bald eagles fly over head can do for someone. i love it up north. the adults (my moms generation) sleep in nice plush campers while the kids (my siblings and i) sleep in tents and enjoy true camping (true camping +laptop, space heater, fan, reading light, air matress, dvd player and portable video editing station. i mean seriously, i have my limits). vacation was wonderful save a couple details. 1. i was sick, for those of you counting that was week number four that i was sick. this is the cold from hell. seriously, i feel like i am going to die and it just keeps getting worse. 2. my aunts church found out about our fabulous camping spot and feels the need to join us. i know it's a public camp ground but again, i have my limits. for the love of all things good and pure, there were 33 teenagers. we counted! seriously 33. that would have been great in high school but when you're 24, it blows. other than that it was fabulous. just me, cali ( my golden retriever) and murphy (my sisters white german shepherd). my two favorite dogs in the world. in the words of my sister, "if you have to bend down to pet it, it's not a dog."

The highlight of my vacation.
every year we go to buckatabon, i have always thought it would be fun to go down the wisconsin river in tubes or kayaks. for some reason it actually happened this year. it was so much fun for me. it's such a simple thing but it was my whole family (minus my neice tori who is only 6 months). i mean everyone, me, mom, steve, his wife jessica, adia, becky, adam, jacob and abby. that doesn't happen very often especially for a long period of time without attempting to kill each other. but it was so nice for me. i know that my brother and brother in law were really annoyed through part of it but they were laughing, we were all laughing AT THE SAME TIME. that's not typical! it was truly the highlight of my week. it was so much fun, i had a blast. they have all sworn off ever having to do it again so i'll have to keep the pictures forever. i'll post some of those soon. they are pretty entertaining.

I was sick all through the next week.

then, this weekend i went to indy with my mom and her friend donna for a wedding. i was the videographer. it was gorgeous. it was in the indiana state museum along the chanel that runs through the city. and the city skyline was the back drop. it was incredible. the reception was inside and really well done. the bride is a professional event planner, if that helps prove how well done everything was. i was the youngest one out of the people that i knew there and i was ready for bed by about 9. i've pretty much given up the will to live. i've now been sick for 5, FIVE weeks. i'm giving it one more and i may just end it all. i don't understand whats wrong with me (insert humorous dig on katie here). i'm going to barge into the drs office tomorrow with hopes that he'll just put me to sleep or at least prescribe vicodin. I have what started as a cold and then morphed into what will be the death of me. my teeth hurt, my face is swollen, i have a fever, my nose is running but also stuffed up, i don't get how that works but somehow..., my ear hurts...the list goes on. this is the first time in my life i have ever purchased a box of medication and then FINISHED THE BOX. and i've done it a couple times.

sadly, i just recapped about three weeks of my life in three really long paragraphs. i won't wait so long before my next post. don't worry, i'm not dead, i do feel like i'm on my way though.

peace, love, excedrin.