Friday, June 29, 2007

twice bitten

okay, about this new bitten line.  it's amazing.  you can see some of the stuff at  not kidding, you can see a lot of stuff online that looks cool and then you get there and you think, 'great one wash and this will fall apart.'  not this stuff.  i'm so impressed with this line, i am not even kidding you.  i bought a ton of stuff, including a bathing suit for 7.98.  are you kidding me?!?  a bathing suit that i like actually.  

a few things i love about this line.  
a.  its stuff that people will wear 
b.  it looks good.
c.  it's not for only the twig girls that look cute in anything.
d.  it has sarah jessica's hand in it and you can see her fashion sense
e.  it feels good and you feel good in it.
f.  they go from size 2-22
g.  EVERYTHING is under $20.

knowing that this was a new line i wondered what other people thought of it so i was listening in to a bunch of girls who were there and it was so cool to hear people say things like, 'seriously, $20?'  and it wasn't in the tone where they thought they were getting ripped off.  i'm actually wearing stuff i bought this morning and i've spend five times as much on something and this feels so much better.  i'm sold.  i love it.  

my only complaints.
a.  majority of things i wanted, my size was sold out...normally for a new line.
b.  straight leg jeans that made me feel clausterphobic.  straight leg just makes people with a larger rear end (me) look even stranger.  
c.  i wanted more.  (that's a pretty good complaint)

anyway, go to or
you can buy this new line at steve and barry's locations.  i drove 35 minutes out of my way and it was totally worth it.  go forth and spend well.  if you want something that you see on the website and you don't have a steve and barry's, send a message and i'll mail it to you!  totally worth it!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


i had the day off today with a long list of things to get done.  and for a day off why was i up so early?!?

it started with the gym from 8-9 and then i drove north to check out a new clothing line by sarah jessica parker called, 'bitten.'  more on that later.

i stopped to wash my car and i forgot that my little old wrangler could look that good.  i took time to clean it because i had to wait for the mall to actually open so i just took my time.  it's all sparkly and smells nice.  it's fabulous.

from there i headed to costco to pick up some fruit and some seat covers, classic costco combination.

then to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for a new recipe.  very good shrimp tostadas.  fabuloso!

then home and i cleaned the garage and the balcony as well as made a couple dents in the apartment.

i had a vet appointment for my sad little sickly doggy at 545 which took about and hour and $300 (that i didn't plan to spend on a vet bill).  she has a severe urinary track infection.  it's very sad.  aparently she's been in a lot of pain and i didn't even know.  he said he didn't even have to run the entire test because the minute they did the first thing, the PH levels shot up to 8 and i guess 8.5 is really really bad so...poor dog is all drugged up again.

from there, home again and cleaned some more, then on to sharon and steves to get some editing stuff done and watch, 'so you think you can dance, it's my new favorite show.  until grey's is back.  

tomorrow is the day.  i work 2pm-12am.  it's gonna be good.    woo hoo.

i'm goin to bed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sleepless in laguna niguel

how is it that when it's time to sleep, i can't it's 1am and i am wide awake.  i could clean my entire apartment right now.  however, come 7am, i am going to be hating life.  any suggestions as to how to fix this.  the thought of going to bed earlier has crossed my mind...the issue is i can't make myself fall asleep.  

i think i might test drive some new cars this week.  just to see which one might fit.  :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

so it's saturday night and i'm home.  i had the day off so i... drum roll please... i worked.  yeah i took a side job so now i feel like i haven't really had a day off for a bit.  all is well and it's worth it.  

so i'm home on a saturday night, resting.  i have a meeting tomorrow morning at 730.  that's right a meeting at 730 am on a sunday morning.  are you kidding me?!?  so to relax, i'm sitting here watching COPS.  i love this show.  this is my shameless love actually.  if ever you think you have had a bad day, watch this show.  the stupid people that are on this show are hysterical.  currently i'm watching a cop wrestle a little person to the ground, in vegas.  the guy rips off his shirt and says to the cop, 'no you stop.'  and starts yelling at him.  

he's 'trying to make a living, trying to make 100,000 dollars.  i want to be rich.  i didn't really know who you were.  i thought you were a thug'  the cop says, 'how am i a thug, i'm in a black and white car, i have a badge, i have a gun, i have magazines, i have the lights, i have a patch that says las vegas metropolitan police'  the guy says, 'i didn't know who you were, i didn't know you were a cop.'  the cop says, 'what about the lights.'  the little guy says, 'i thought it was christmas.'  no kidding.

no kidding, this is the best show ever.  it makes my day look like a walk in the park...when there is rain...and you acidentally step in dog crap, but still a walk in the park.

Friday, June 22, 2007

let me also say

let me just say that the last time i was with my sister i showed her that i don't have the option to title my posts.  it doesn't give me a title field.  

well, now that i'm using the widget, i have a title field again!  i'm back baby!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

thank heavens for widgets

well, i successfully installed the widget for blogging.  i don't actually have to go to the website to post a blog now, i can do it remotely and it's fabulous.  

i have a couple things exciting going on right now.  i've just signed onto a documentary as the editor, i'm very excited about this.  i'm still working full time at my current job and i'll be editing this on my days off and during my evenings... yes i will most likely burn out quickly if that's what you're wondering.  but man!  what a way to go!

i'll let you know more when i can.  

i have a friend coming to visit soon and i'm excited about that.  it's always fun to have visitors.  granted, i'm going to have to work the entire time he's here, but i'm excited to have a visitor.

hmmm, what else is new.  

can you believe it's june??? almost july!  i'm aging a lot faster than planned.

i'll write more later but i was informed that i 'hadn't just returned from vacation' as my last post stated.  so, this is my sad attempt to update.

Monday, June 04, 2007

i just got back from vacation last thursday and i feel like it's been months already. that can't be good.

i'm sick again. i want to claim it has something to do with the petrey dishes that i call nieces and nephew but i'm sure it's the fact that i have no immune system and i work with people all day long. it's possible that i have the chicken pox too. funny story about that. i've had them twice already. yeah, that's right, diagnosed twice already in my life. well i've had a sore throat for a couple days with some other symptoms and then yesterday i woke up to some spots on my stomach. no bueno. i have them on my stomach, back and legs. i saw the doctor today and he said, 'well, it could be the chicken pox but it could just be related to the viral infection you've got goin on...' so, i may have them again, i may not. interesting. anyway, i'm pretty doped up. i'm on something right now for the cough and it's cough syrup with coedine. so, you can blame the misspellings on the drugs. good times.

a really really big door just opened for me. i'm pretty excited about it. there are some details still up in the air so i'll wait to elaborate on what i'll be doing but so far, i'm pretty excited about it.

man alive the coedine is kicking in, words are starting to blur.

this past weekend i spent saturday in LA with meredith and her students. she had an end of the year bbq and i will tell you what, the best darn mexican food ever. everything was so authentic and fabulous and then we had a water balloon fight. pretty funny. i'll post pictures soon.

for now i gotta go cause my eyes won't actually focus on one thing. this stuff is fabulous. :)


Friday, June 01, 2007

the first morning i was in wisconsin we were leaving early to drive up north and we stopped to have breakfast close to my grandparents house. we sat down and the server came over and said hello to my grandparents and then was introduced to me and my mom. he said, "we're not related are we?" and when my grandfather said yes, the server said, "darn." oh wow. so then my grand father, happily married for 60 years, runs into his friend and says, "hey, it's a holiday weekend, any big plans with your girlfriend?" now, my grandpa is 82. and this guy can't be any younger. he laughed and said, "shhh, my wife is right over there." i'm thinking, my grandpa was kidding and this guy was being sarcastic. no no. he really had a girlfriend in chicago. the best part was when the same server came over and laughed and said, "i asked him the exact same thing." i love wisconsin.

more stories to come but here are some cool pictures.

this is my cat that lives at my moms house. i love this cat. love her.

this is something that my brother and i have started calling the 'satan species.' my brother and i went out the other night and when we got home it took us about 30 minutes to make it through the front door. it wasn't pretty. as we stood next to each other plotting a way to get the spider to die and for us to get into the house, we slightly brushed up against each others arms and we both freaked out because it felt like spiders! this thing was HUGE! it gives me the heebie jeebies even now. long story short (and some really REALLY funny video clips later) steve used a can of WD-40 and a lighter, it's amazing that the entire house didn't go up in flames. the spider died and we left it on the front porch as a warning to all other spiders, 'ye be warned.'

this is steve strategizing. i don't know why this picture and a couple others won't flip so they are vertical. i'm too tired to figure it out though.

only in indiana can a tractor be driving down a highway and slow traffic down and have no one freak out. so funny to me now.

my mom now has a hot tub in her back yard, and while i was home my nieces came over for the week so we were chillin in the hot tub.

bowling with brad, sarah and kyle. this is sarah

this is brad.

this is kyle

me and my 'husband' kyle. it's a shame he has a girlfriend.

one of the best part about camping up north is sitting around the camp fire. i love the campfire. i think i would burn a candle in my house if it smelled like campfire. my sweatshirt still smells like it. it's fabulous.

i like this picture...taken by accident

some hot fishermen in a boat. another highlight of camping.

really great sunset of up north.

everything was so so green!

this is a very ticked off loon! you can see the look in her eyes!

ah, the lake

if you look into the dead center of this picture, you'll see a big giant nest in the tree. in that nest, you'll see the white head of one of our resident bald eagles. pretty stinkin cool if you ask me.

the road to camp

again, middle of the picture you'll see the bald eagle right before it swooped and grabbed something. so cool that they are on this lake.