Sunday, July 24, 2005

saying farewell to a faithful friend

Well, its happened. I never thought I would see the time I would have to say goodbye but the time is here. It's hard to believe I have had a relationship for 10 years but now its come to an end.

The little red honda is no longer. It's in the paper. It's for sale and I'm letting it go. I bought that car in 1996 and I can't believe that it's been with me through high school, then college and then after college. It's been the old faithful friend in our family. It's the default vehicle. You can fill the tank and drive for weeks. It has a suprisingly large trunk... In the passenger side of the windshield it has the four parking passes from all four years at calvin college. This car is reason I learned to drive a stick. I piled friends in this car on the way to swim team, the beach, the airport, camping, chicago, and countless trips to meijer. it's amazing how such a small car can fit seven people. My friend Amber and I even had matching cars for a while. The era is coming to an end. I bought that car with my own money back in high school and it has served me well. And so, i say farewell my faithful friend. (and good riddens you sweat box!)

And as we say farewell, we must say hello to the beginning of a new era. the JEEP WRANGLER ERA. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, I finally did it. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to own a green jeep wrangler and I have it. It's in the drive way. I have to fight the urge to drive multiple places for no good reason. It's fabulous. I'm having flash backs to living in California and living in the faulk house, driving liz's jeep. There is something very freeing about driving a wrangler. It's fabulous. (and it's green!!)

In other news, I've been sicker than sick for the past week and a half. For crying out loud, its 9:00 and I'm in bed. I don't understand it. When did I get old?? I think that most of my friends have considered me dead because I don't return phone calls. it's a sad situation.

and with that i bid you good night.

this is where i would write something lyrical and witty, but i just don't have it in me... maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Caught Red Handed

Today, my mom and I took my niece and nephew to the local wave pool. They had so much fun! Abby is completely fearless and will try anything. We asked if she wanted to go down the water slide and she was all for it, water wings, no water wings, who cares, she was half way up the ladder and ready to go.

Jacob is WAY more saftey focused. When we asked him, he said, "um, no not right now." and they we had to convince him that he would be safe. It amazes me the difference between the two. We had to leave early because it started to thunder.

So, we pile into the car and drive back to my moms house (which is my home now...again) and I swing the front door open and I see red, literally, and purple all over the floor. Before we had gone to the water park the kids were coloring with scented markers. Aparently, my dog thought, if it smells good, I better eat it, and that she did. There were marker bits all over the carpet. I spent the rest of the day shampooing the carpet. It wasn't pretty. After all that, Cali came over to me and she looked a little different to me and I noticed that her nose was red, her tongue was purple and her paws were red and purple. Seriously, what am I going to do with this. She couldn't have blamed anyone else to save her life.

Cali caught red handed.

It's off to bed for me now, I have to get up early and vaccuum the store tomorrow. It combines my two favorite things, getting up early and vacuuming. It makes me want to cry every monday.


Thanksgiving in Iowa

This is the highlight of my year! I love that my family from Nebraksa, Wisconsin and Indiana all drive to the middle of Iowa and spend three days in a hotel just goofing around. We have been repeatedly kicked out of hotels because of our craziness. The silly string incident of 90 sums up the history of the family.

I'm not going to lie, i'm a little bitter. I'm trying to get the whole family to agree where to go and what hotel to stay in. We normally meet in a town called Coralville, which is really close to Iowa City but this year I thought it would be better if we could stay in a hotel with a waterpark (there are a suprising number of them in Iowa). Since most of my cousins and both of my siblings all have kids now, having in house entertainment for the kids is priceless. the problem is, i picked out a hotel in dubuque (da-buke) and it's a bit further for the Nebraska family to drive, i was hoping that this wouldn't be a problem but it seems to have presented it self as an issue. The hardest thing for me to understand is that all the Wisconsin and Indiana family will be driving to Nebraksa for Christmas so I assumed that an extra two hours for them for thanksgiving wouldn't be a big deal...i was wrong. But we'll all be driving 13 hours out there and 13 hours back a month after Iowa. It just doesn't make any sense. I'm hoping that something gives soon. I'd love to stay in the hotel with the water park but when it comes down to it, I'm just happy that we're going to Iowa this year. Who would have guessed that Iowa would be the highlight of the year?

peace, love and a cool fluffy pillow


This is my brother Steve after catching the best fish he has ever caught. His plan was to have it mounted and hang it on the wall. I explained to him that we aren't the kind of family to hang fish on the wall and his reply was, "that's only because we haven't caught one like this." Crazy brother. He was so excited. The fish is still in the freezer...sick.

This is one of my babies. She's so cute. This cat never leaves the front porch. She lounges for hours and hours, no matter how hot it gets out side, she's hanging out on the chair in the front. It's a true sign of home.

Cali after swimming in Eagle Lake in Michigan. This dog cracks me up! She will swim after sticks but if she can't find them while she's out there, she dives down and gets one from the bottom to bring back! This dog swims underwater! I love it.

Thursday, July 14, 2005



so i vowed that i wouldn't join into this fad and i think it's the late night hours that are causing me to think other wise. we'll see what happens. so, if you find yourself wanting to find out what i'm doing or what i'm up to, this is where i could post it...don't forget to leave me comments too.

i desperately need a job. i'm up for two positions right now. one in southern orange california and one in nashville. i have nightmares of using the words reckon, yall, or worst of all, fixin to, in conversation. this could be the end of me. we'll see what becomes of it all.

i'm working at the scrapbook store still, i love it but it's not like having a real job...i need health insurance. if you know of anyone who needs a video editor or just wants to take pity on me, let me know. kidding, no pity, just jobs.

i hope this finds you all well.

word to your mother. keep your feet clean.