Sunday, October 30, 2005

i know, i know. i'm neglecting. however, remember how your mom always taught you that
"if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?"
i'm sticking with that. i'll have more news come thursday but for now, (it can't be that my lips are sealed since i'm typing) i'm sitting on my hands. :o)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


my leg isn't broken! i know, just listen. so, on sunday at medpoint, the doctor showed me the fracture in my fibula and then said to stay off of it and don't drive the jeep (my eye!). so, yesterday i arrived home to find a message on the answering machine from med point. so i call them back and the nurse says, 'there was a glich in the film, there isn't a fracture, just keep ice on it and you'll be fine." at this point, i am mixed with two emotions: 1) Woo Hoo! i'm not gimpy! (or at least on paper) and i don't have to worry about having to have it casted. 2) WHAT?!? how do you tell someone they broke their fibula and then take it back two days later?!? do i just not understand how medicine works? i'm seriously worried about the state of indiana and the medical professionals... at least this one.

in other news: i spent a great day in grand rapids today. i got together with a friend from college, nate vreeman. it was so good to see him. it's been about a year since i saw him last but it's been years since we've been able to sit down together. it was so great to compare stories.


Monday, October 10, 2005

just a couple funny reactions from my friends about my leg situation:

"oh! not the fibula!" -Amber Cox
"if you were a horse they would have shot you twice by now. once to kill you and once just for the heck of it!" -kyle bruner, the seudo husband

Sunday, October 09, 2005

"well, that seems about right"

so, after a day of pain and trying not to collapse in pain, i asked my mom to take me to med point. we got there and we were the only two people there (still took a few minutes) but everything went a little quicker than expected. so, i got into the office and sat down, the doc walked in immediately i showed him my ankle, he said, 'yup, lets get some pictures.' and off i went to x-ray. again, the only two people were my mom and i walking through this huge building on main street in mishawaka. (i'd hate to see the bill for this visit, i'm sure it will be comprable to renting the entire building for my personal use) the x-rays were taken and they sat me back in the exam room. the doctor walked in and said, "well, bad news, it looks like we have a fracture." at which point i looked at my mom and said, "well, that seems about right." the doctor said he was pretty confident that i have a fractured bone. not the main, weight supporting bone but the smaller one, the tibula if you will. i have to wait until wednesday to hear for sure from my doctor but according to this guy, i broke my leg. I BROKE MY LEG! (not my ankle that hurts so bad but about three or four inches above the ankle) by fallling into the garage. milk gives you strong bones, MY EYE! however, he did tell me that being that i have been on prednison for so long, it could have weakened my bones. he also said that the prednisone can mask the pain, so that's why i was able to walk on it all day long and not kill myself. it was painful but i could deal with it, aparently, only because i was on previous drugs. how convienient.

two gallons of milk a week for 24 years, and five weeks on a single drug can counter act it all? you've got ot be kidding me. so, after all that, i had to call my boss and explain to him that i can't vaccuum in the morning because i was told to stay off my leg. in a 9000 sq foot building, i'm supposed to stay off my leg. i'm sure mark (the boss man) is thinking, 'note to self: check medical records before hiring someone next time' i mean honestly, i was sick for two weeks, i'm still sick now and now i have to tell him that i've broken my leg. i don't even believe it.
i was told to get crutches (fat chance) and that i wasn't allowed to drive my jeep because it's a stick. i understand that it's important to 'pamper' my leg so i do no further damage however, you can't sentence someone to NOT driving their jeep during the last three weeks of convertible weather. i almost threw up...however, i'm sure i'll survive.

you've GOT to be kidding me,
there is nothing to do but laugh


Saturday, October 08, 2005

because when it rains, it pours

so, we all know that i've been sick forever (i'm sorry it's been like listening to a broken record lately, 'how are you?' 'sick') and we have the surgery scheduled, i'm back on a few of the drugs. back on the prednisone, freaky stuff i tell you and, sadly, i'm really looking forward to having this doctor shove this thing up my nose which causes a bit of pain. in all honesty, i'm ready. i would do it tomorrow. i'm thrilled to do it. anything to give me back the energy that i once had and make me feel better. now that i remind you of that fun are todays events

i slept late because it was a day off and lately, the only thing that appeals to me is sleep, so i took advantage. i woke up around 1pm (i know, boo and hiss all you want). i went up stairs, talked to my mom a bit and had a conversation which included my mom using this line, "yeah, he was a royal pain in the class." she was serious, she was talking about a student. i started laughing so hard that tears started rolling down my face at this point, she caught on and joined me in the laughing. she decided that she would mow the lawn, i was going to eat lunch and then clean my room and then we had appointments at 3pm. so as i start making lunch, mom goes out and tries to start the tractor with no luck. the clutch light was coming on when she turned the key. our tractor is about a 1989 wheel horse. great tractor but lately a big pain in the butt. she asked me to come out and i mentioned that the petal that serves as the brake and clutch seems not to be making a connection, lately you just have to 'kick the crap out of it' for it to work. so i went back into the kitchen (with ears in my ties) and put on a tennis shoe, thats right, just one. and went back out to the garage. as i stepped out of the house and onto the garage floor, my left foot touched the cement and down i went like a sack of potatoes. my ankle folded in half and felt and heard this horrble snap. i then laid on the floor crying and rocking back and forth for about thirty/fourty five minutes. my mom didn't know what to do, she called my brother and sister. becky came over and helped to get me in the house and off of the garage floor. after sitting there a while i decided to just suck it up and walk around on it. not going to lie, it hurts REALLY BADLY. but i figured that if i could walk on it, it should be fine.

so, tonight, i'm talking to my wonderful friend tim who i love to death. he is one of my previous roommates from 'the faulk house' (the historical house that 10 of us lived in while working for woodleaf in northern california and if you haven't heard about woodleaf than you probably have never met me). he is this genius medical guru. this poor guy always gets my, 'this is what's wrong, i think i'm dying, this this normal' calls. so, i was talking to him tonight, told him what happened and told him that i haven't gone to a doctor yet and he tells me about this horrible thing that can happen causing gang green. holy crap! i said, "tim! have you learned nothing from being friends with a hypocondriac??" to which he answers, "it's the most painful thing to go through from what i hear and they have to amputate your foot." this is the same man that when i was bit by a stray cat in california (yes, you read that correctly) and went to tim when my finger became the size of a sausage, his exact words were, "wow, i've never seen that before." GREAT! i almost threw up. so, needless to say, i'll most likely be seeing a medical professional tomorrow...because, when it rains, it pours.

so, anyway, that's the story about that. it's true, i am the most accident prone person walking the earth.

sick and gimpy,

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TiVo Me

i will be on Oprah on monday and tuesday!!!! with ricky martin. i love ricky martin. long story. i'm going to marry him, he just doesn't know it yet. :o)


i agree with jason miller

okay, jason miller is one of the incredibly talented worship leaders at church and i was checking out everyones blogs the other night. i was reading the entry titled, 'confessions of a terrorist.' don't let the title scare you. he made some really great points. i don't know too much about blog etiquette but i'm going to quote jason.

"Now, allow me one little soapbox before I go on with this thought. Right now, there are some cynics out there thinking, “Oh go ahead and jump on the Bono bandwagon.” You’re absolutely sick of how Bono has become such a mouthpiece lately. But can I say something? •To reject something simply because of its overwhelming popularity is just plain moronic, as long as we’re talking about ideas and art.• Truth and Beauty should never be held by a select few underground guardians who pride themselves on their Gnostic-like privilege, and if someone like Bono says something that’s true, we ought to listen. Even if it is annoyingly “in” to do so. I’d rather get my profound thoughts from some esoteric, unheard-of sage, too, but today I found some truth in Bono, along with thousands of other twenty-something Christians who read Relevant Magazine and enjoy a latte with their worship service and who are waking up to the Social Justice implications of the Gospel that have been swept under the rug by our American Protestant upbringing." jason miller

(on a side note, poor jason is another one of the victims that my sister has coined the phrase, 'have i told you about my sister?' this is the same sister who told me one day that i should marry jason because we both have golden retrievers and we all know how that would be the foundation of a solid marriage)

i couldn't agree more. i love finding incredible bits of knowledge tucked away in movies. i know that it's cliche to think that movie quotes are so 'insightful,' but i LOVE finding movie quotes that sum up different parts of life. for example, i went to see batman begins today. there was a line in the movie that kind of gave me a swift kick. rachel says to bruce, 'i know that sweet little boy that i knew is deep down inside of you somewhere but that doesn't matter. it's not who you are inside that makes a difference, it's what you that makes a difference." (i may have screwed it up a bit, but you get my point) and it's true. there is a difference between a person who says, 'i love people, and love working with them' and someone who says, 'i love people" and then they actually prove it with action. it just kind of hit me that, i claim to love people and claim to love ministry but have stopped doing mission work because i can't go over seas or to different cities. i don't think it occurred to me until to day that if i love people like i claim, i need to start loving them in my own town. it was an ah ha moment for me, and of all places, during batman begins.

and with that, i encourage you to find new thoughts and visions from unexpected places or people you barely know.

also, again, referring people to other peoples blogs, you have to check out tammy and daryl mcmullen at if you look at the post called 'give me orajel or give me death,' i cried for about 30 minutes from that video clip. absolutely hysterical!


Saturday, October 01, 2005

i just took this picture. i'm debating whether i like it or not...not bad for a self portrait though, huh? what do you think?

is it me or does it look like i have dimples in this last one?