Friday, May 30, 2008

old school belize

okay so i'm going through a lot of old photos and i come across some of my favorites. here are some of my favs from belize which was TEN years ago. man alive, it kinda seems like yesterday and it kinda seems like twenty years ago...

one of my best friends amber relaxing in one of the best chairs in the world! one day i will own my own house with a couple of these chairs. i'm looking forward to it.

we took a speed boat out to an island and the boat was going so fast that aaron beeson was able to hold onto this rope and fly, it was incredible! we laughed for a good long time about this.

wonderful VBS crafting

a couple of my best friends at the time aaron beeson and meredith carlson - they look so young! (meredith gets married in about 6 weeks!)

my sister becky with one of the babies from the orphanage that we worked in for a day.

i just LOVE the outfits. that's all i got.

tanning on our way out to swim with sharks...

meredith and i balancing on a see-saw... i'll pretend in my head that it's actually an even plane...

amber cox and rob and michelle wegner (pre-children!)

the indiana jones bridge that was a little frightening to cross the first time... and after that, the boys found that if you jump on it while you're crossing, it's even more terrifying.

i LOVE this picture! this is aaron beeson grabbing a shark by the tail. so great! when we pulled up to this 'national park' in the middle of the ocean and the boat driver says, "okay jump in!" we were all standing along the edge of the boat watching the sharks swim under the boat. we looked at the driver like he was on drugs... which he may have been... and aaron said, "seriously?" and when the guy said we were good to go, he was the first in the water. it was incredible. he's a good leader because we all followed and survived!

our group: becky, anne marie, me, steve carlson, YWAM guy, andy carlson, michelle wegner, chrissy simnick (before she was a simnick), meredith carlson, yvonne malkowski, amber beeson (before she was amber cox), and angie qualey (who just became a DR. AMAZING!)

josh lehman, andy carlson and steve carlson playing with the kids in the river

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Monday, May 19, 2008

theres just so much

there is so much to blog about right now that i'm overwhelmed. nothing too exciting.

i did get to see meredith this past weekend for a bridal shower in illinois - i'll blog about this soon
i passed the restaurant that i went to dinner at for prom my junior year and realized that was TEN years ago - i'll blog about that soon
i'm sick...again - blog about that soon
going camping his weekend - nothing to blog about yet
i'm going to california in SIX weeks!! - WOO HOO
i feel like i got hit by a semi because of this sickness - you don't want to have to read about that.

heres a quick tidbit about my california trip.
i will arrive in vegas on the third of july. i will check into the MGM GRAND (for one night). HA so excited! and then the rest of the girls arrive the next night when i will move to the time share with them. we will have fun and lay by the pool for the next two days and then head to so cal. i will arrive in LA on the 6th of july where i will be until the 20th - when i fly out around 5 am. no joke.

so, tickets... check. hotel... check. excitement... check check. now to find a killer deal on a two week rental car. i believe this is what they were talking about when they created the phrase, "highway robbery."

oh, i also have my dress to be worn in the wedding with the approval of the bride (which is key) and my shoes. i'm walking with someone who is over 6'3" so i get to wear heels!!

ps, i;m planning on taking surf lessons while i'm out there - steve and sharon, i'm enlisting you to teach me :) or at least be there to ID my body when i kill myself by getting hit in the head with the surf board.

okay, i have to sleep or i'm going to sound like more of a man tomorrow which is just unfortunate.