Friday, September 29, 2006

i have/had the stomach flu for the last 24-48 hours. its never fun. ah, but you know what they say, "i'm one flu away from my goal weight" ah, that makes me laugh every time.

so, being sick, i just watched oprah with lionel richie. i'm not the biggest fan but one of his comments made me laugh to the point of pain. he said, 'i'm older and wiser now," referring to his love life. "you know 19-35, everything is in a hurry. all night long is down to a fierce half hour."

wow, it hurts me thats so funny

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

i did it. i finally did it. i finally made the latest revision of a demo reel. it's been a long time coming. i've been putting it off for a while. well, not really putting it off, i've been working on it for a long time.

the hardest part is that i will always be able to look at it and know that something could have been better. and i hate that. so, i've been sitting on the project for a while knowing that it's not perfect so it's not done. but, i've come to terms with the fact that it's not going to be perfect. so, it's as good as it can be, for this revision, and it's done. it's burned to disc. my resume is updated.

ah, now the fear of people actually seeing it. good times.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

so, here is one for the books.

you won't even believe me when i tell you.

are you sitting down?

i got stuck in an elevator today.

you read right. stuck. in an elevator. between floors.

so, here is how the events went down:

i was scheduled to work at 11am, so, i arrive, in the parking garage around 10.50 and push the 'down' button for the elevator. the doors open, i get in and push "L1" and the doors shut. all of a sudden, the elevator drops about 2 feet. it just dropped. this is when the thought, "ah crap" came to mind. so, i stand there for a bit and think, do i really have to use the dumb call button that i've made fun of for 25 years? and the answer is yes, yes, i did need to use the dumb button.

so, i push the button, and this voice comes on, "is everything okay in the elevator." to which i said, 'um, not really, i'm stuck between floors.' 'are you sure you're stuck?' 'yeah, pretty sure, nothing is moving and the buttons don't work.' 'what happens when you push the buttons?' 'a voice comes on that says, sixty duck' 'sixty duck? hmm, that's weird. i'm going to hang up and call mall security for you.' 'okay' and that was the conversation.

so, after a few minutes, i call my mom. at this point, i'm laughing hysterically. so my mom answers the phone and before i say anything else, all i say is, 'you won't even believe me if i tell you.' and told her i was stuck in an elevator. again, i'm laughing like crazy, i mean, tears people. to which my mom says, 'how long have you been in there? do you have enough air? you sound a little slap happy.' which just makes me laugh harder.

it has now been about 20 minutes. and no sign of security or even a sign that people know i'm in there.

i call work again to see if it warrants a 911 call (i work with don, an ex-lapd officer) and my manager eric comes to help things along at the elevator

i text message justin, 'im stuck in an elevator.' and send the same thing to brian vanotterloo

at this time, i hear a knock on the elevator doors. they yell down, 'do you need medical attention?' laughing, i say back, 'no, i'm good.' and then i hear someone say to someone else, "have you ever had to deal with this before?" and the other one say, 'no, not really' this builds great confidence.

so, the elevator goes up a couple feet and the drops again, up a couple feet and then drops. again, big confidence. then, i feel the elevator inching towards the 4th floor. then, the doors open. ah, sweet fresh air. it was fabulous

all in all, i was in for 30 minutes. it was pretty funny.

so, i'm out.

so, they mentioned that the reason they got me out so fast was that the state inspector was on the property today. otherwise it could have taken a couple hours. see, luck was on my side!

funnily enough, when i got off work, i was talking to sharon on the phone and pushed the button to get the elevator and the same elevator opened...and i took it. hey, if i didn't do it now, when would i?

then i got to go to sharon and steves to watch the grey's anatomy premiere and have brownies and ice cream a fabulous end to the day. i'm going to hang out there more often just in hopes that i might pick up on their cooking abilities, because every time i go over there they have something incredible. i love it! thanks sharon and steve!

i'm going to bed.

avoid the middle elevator

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i'm watching 40 year old virgin right now. so funny. just watched the waxing scene. not kidding, tears rolling down my face.

'dude, you look like a man-o-lantern'


oh, were to begin...

i still need to find a roommate and i'm debating between living with a guy from work or meeting someone new through a local church website and have them move in. theres pros and cons to both. i know the guy from work. we get along like brother and sister. theres no interest either way, i know he has a job... and on and on. meeting someone new through a website, i'm taking my chances. they could say they have a good job they could say they are a certain way, i at least know the guy from work. so, there's that. what do i do??? the more i have to figure this stuff out, the more i'm kinda resenting pam for moving out. what can i say, i'm a jerk. justin, quit your job and get out here. i need a roommate and i just found a spider. i can't do this alone!

second, my grandmas husband died last night. i need to figure out if i am going to be able to break away to phoenix...ah, the dreaded drive to phoenix. i really feel like i should be there for my grandma, so the funeral is this i think if work lets me go, i go. but lets face it, i'm renting a car.

i got my hair cut today. the lady kept telling me that not too many people have long hair anymore. i think she was trying to hint that i need to cut it all off. the funniest part, she literally had to sit on the floor to cut my hair. It's not that long!! In all honesty, I think she was kneeling, but she kept telling me she's never had to sit on the floor to cut hair before.

and last but not least. Today (Tuesday) is national speak like a pirate day. You Betsey!!

yarrow Mateo,

Monday, September 18, 2006

more news to come...

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Dutch are the World's Tallest People


"With their protein-rich diet and a national health service that pampers infants, the Dutch are standing taller than ever. The average Dutchman stands just over 6 feet, while women average nearly 5-foot-7.

Ask Pieter Gijselaar about the problems of the very tall.

At more than 6-feet-10 1/2, he spends a lot of time ducking through doorways and guarding against minor head injuries. In an economy-class airline seat, he only fits in the emergency exit row."

click here to read the article

if you're not dutch, you're not much

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

so, as you read in my previous post, i need a roommate. i'm not looking forward to this. i'm hoping to convince a friend from indiana to come live here.i don't think my chances are actually all that good, so, we'll see what i end up with. my roommate is going through some 'family issues' and needs to be closer to her friends out here, so she'll be moving back in with her friends about 20 minutes away. So...Let the search begin.

have you ever gotten a voicemail that just makes your day. I got a voicemail today from Justin - the condor man - and was seriously sitting at a stop light, laughing with people just starring at me, probably thinking I was insane. It was so funny. It made my day. Seriously, so great.

off to work tomorrow. I work the next four days and have Monday off...I'm looking forward to Monday, I should do something fun...

oh, if you know anyone who might have extra tickets to the nd vs. usc game, i'd love to get my hands on those...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


to share a two bedroom condo in laguna niguel california. must love a golden retriever. pool and hot tub in complex. washer and dryer in unti. dish washer. private bedroom and bathroom

share garage. 700+utilities.

would love a fun roommate.

move in around nov.1

contact me for further info

Monday, September 11, 2006

in other news

it doesn't matter how you feel about anna nicole smith, i can't imagine what this would feel like or where you would even begin to deal with it. it's amazing to me how things like this happen. she was in jamaica to have her baby (i seriously wonder why celebrities are under the impression that the best way to bring a child into the world is to head to a less developed country...sounds like a good idea to me!) and had her baby girl yesterday. her 20 year old son daniel flew down to see them in the hospital and yesterday, he was found dead in the chair next to anna nicoles bed. just sitting in the chair.

i can't imagine having the excitement of having one child and the pain of losing another child at the same time.

i'm not a huge anna fan, but she'll be in my thoughts.

September 11

five years ago, it was my junior year of college. i lived with jess and jen wienard and shawna anderson. shawna and i shared a room, i slept on the top bunk. the morning of sept 11, i slept in. i shut my alarm off instead of going to my 8am 'introduction to psychology' class. hey i was going to be sleeping, it was just a matter of sleeping at a desk or in my bed...i chose the bed.

shawna came in and said, "katie, you should come out here, something is happening in new york. a plane just hit a building." i remember her tone because it was almost like, she was still trying to convince herself that it was real and not just a movie. either that or she was inviting me to play a game of monopoly, it was that kind of excitement in her voice. and for the next few hours, we sat there, the four of us, watching the news and figuring out if everyone my roommates knew was okay. they were from boston and had a lot of friends in the city.

it's still so surreal. i got on the freeway this morning and thought, 'did i really want to get on this freeway? there are a lot of people and i'm pretty much trapped."

after watching the news and everything for a few hours, i headed downtown grand rapids to the amway grand plaza hotel because i had a job interview and no one would answer the phone there to see if i should reschedule. so i went. i got the job. and funnily enough, got my boss fired about a year later for sexual harrassment. who would have thought! but that's a funny story all on it's own!

it's amazing how one thing can change the world. i know it changed mine.

my life over the past five years...who would have known...

from amway to apple,
k :o)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i got a wonderful suprise at work today. my friend brandon sent me these gorgeous flowers to brighten my day. aren't they was a struggle to get them a jeep...with the top down. but they survived and look great and now, my room smells fabulous! thank you brandon!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

so, i've recently lost some weight. i now weigh the amount it says on my drivers license. ha ha ha so funny how that works. now i need to get a new license so i can lowball the number again!


Monday, September 04, 2006

a very unfortunate accident.

so, i was at work. i was talking to my friend steve who i think is one of the funniest guys ever. we laugh a lot...mostly at me...but a lot over all. so, i was talking to him and he was looking for something on one of the shelves in the back and he stopped paying attention so i started hitting his arm to get his attention. he acts annoyed and starts walking back toward the back wall, still looking, and jokingly, tosses his pen over his right shoulder trying to hit me. hit me he did. square in the forehead. we laughed to the point of tears for that one. but, it still stung after a while.... so, i go look in the mirror to see if i had a red mark. i was BLEEDING! steve stabbed me in the forehead with a pen!!! ah, and that only made us laugh harder and then everyone else thought we were insane, but they still joined in laughing as well. so, that was my eventful day at work. i still have a mark on my forehead. luckily, the head of a pen isn't very noticeable.

i'm off to watch james bond. i think it's the first one...dr. no, i think. the extent of my knowledge of james bond is that i remember being jealous that the girls down the hall from my roommate and i had the phone extension of 1007. and every time she would meet a guy and gave him her number, she would say just "call me, one, double o seven" and i was very jealous. ah, college. (i've never seen any bond movies, and i've been told that this one is a good one) thanks steve and sharon for the movie collection! i'm having fun!

holt, katie holt

i can't belive the crocodile hunter died. though, the way he went made sense. he was stung by a sting ray where the stinger went "through his chest." i didn't really know it was possible but i think it makes more sense for him to go like that rather than a car accident, you know? anyway, he left behind a wife and two children. i'm stunned that he died. he was taping an underwater documentary at the time. it's very sad. i wish his family well.

Not a Happy Camper

cali will willingly get into the bathtub but the minute you turn the water on you get the terrified look. it's hysterical. plus there is no way to give her a bath without standing in the bathtub with her. it's quite entertaining.

semi worried

the glance-at-the-faucett look

happy dog in a towel. happy to be out of the tub and into a towel

my dog is so good, i can actually tell her to wait to shake off at the end. normally i wait until i have the towel held in front of me to block the spray.

after a bath, cali goes psycho-dog on anyone around. it's actually fair game for the dog to attack at any minute. this is her, "i am going to bite you, you should be prepared" look. it's very entertaining.

Friday, September 01, 2006

okay, so the day went smoother than planned.

i went to the auto parts store to buy the gast tank stuff, but found out that was meant to go in the tank one week before the test.

i then went to walmart and they didn't have time to do the oil change since there were four people in front of me.

i went to the smog place and waited anxiously while they tested my car. it PASSED. not going to lie, there was a lot of prayer involved. oddly, i found out that my car isn't supposed to be as loud as it is. i have a 'cracked exhaust manifold.' bummer. $750 repair. but, i also found out it can wait until later. so that was good news. the smog test: $38.20

i made it to the dmv with three minutes to spare. i was amazed! so, i fill out my paper work and they tell me i need to take a seat and wait for my number to be called. so, i sit. the woman i'm sitting next to me says, 'i hope you don't have anyplace to be, i've been here for three hours.' i'm thinking, 'crap, i'm going to be late for work.' so, sure enough, they call my number. WHAT?! so i go to the counter and hand the guy my paperwork and he says, 'oh, i can't do this, i only do driver's licenses.' so he said, go to number 3. i go to number three and i was out in about twenty minutes. they called my number by accident. loved it. here's the funny part. as i was filling out my paper work, i finished and handed the guy my stuff and he reaches up and puts piece of paper on the counter in front of me and says, 'you're going to want to hang on to this.' i look down. it's his name and number. how great. the registration: $157.00

so, then i had time to grab some lunch, let my dog pee and get to work on time.

and now i'm broke. bummer.

but at least the day went well!
too bad i work early tomorrow morning, i would pay money to sleep longer that 6 hours!