Thursday, April 26, 2007

a friend of mine at work was looking for someone to let his girlfriend cut their hair, she's a stylist in one of the salons in our mall, so i volunteered. i was a little nervous cause i was a hair model, you don't really pick your hair style they kinda tell you what you'll get. so, i love it. this is the new do. the trick is, will i be able to do it for myself...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

this is a picture we just found in the basement. it's my uncle mark pulling on my dads ear while my aunt barb watches and laughs. i love this picture!

Friday, April 06, 2007

early morning.

6 hour drive.

8 people in one suburban.

a lot of hours in a water park to the point of pruning.

so so tired.

pictures at

Thursday, April 05, 2007

it's been an eventful trip so far. i already mentioned that i got pulled over within 2 miles of the airport. that was just the beginning.
yesterday i got to have dinner with my friend aaron and then hung out and watched a movie at a friends house.
then today i woke up to make cookies, make quacamole for my pregnant cousin (it's really for us but i get to blame her), my mom and i got pedicures and stopped by a shop to buy a notre dame sweatshirt because i'm dumb and didn't bring anything warmer than a zip up sweatshirt that's really thin. stopped by the scrapbook store and headed to beckys house to pick up her and the seven kids...SEVEN kids. my sisters two, my sisters best friends' three and then my brothers two. good times. we headed out to the mall and we're sitting at a stop sign when BAM, hit from behind. the lady behind up saw the arrow turn green so she slammed on the gas and smacked right into the back of us. it wasn't too horrible but it was a pretty big bump. hard enough to dent her hood pretty bad and dent my moms bumper. we had three of the kids with us and becky had the other four with her...luckily she was close behind and was able to stop, grab the three from us and head to the mall for dinner where we met her there a bit later, you know, after the police report. that's right folks, i had a run in with the police two days in a row. good times. good times.

we made it to the mall, had dinner and made it over to church for the thursday night service where i got to see my friend aaron again and hang out in the church that i haven't been in for a while. we had to get all the kids inside and checked into their rooms and by the time it was all done my mom and sister and i all stood in the hall weezing. i missed strange ways...but i missed it. i didn't realize how i missed it but tonight i did.

after church we gathered all children and headed home. i got to go out with my friend todd and we met up with a couple guys that i know from high school that i haven't seen in probably 7 or 8 years. man how time flys. it was so great to see these guys. i really really wish that i would have stayed in touch with them more.

i miss it here. today made me want to move back here. i can't believe that i leave in the morning i don't think i did 9 out of the 10 things that i wanted to but that's what i get for being here for 48 hours. it wasn't long enough. there are a lot of people that i didn't get to see that i'm so mad at myself for not getting there and seeing them.

anyway this picture above is of my friends chris stutzman and jeff jones and i. i'll post other pictures later that will crack you up from the three of us years ago. they are very entertaining.

here's hoping for a cop free day...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i'm home, i'm in indiana and it's fricken freezing. it's snowing, as i type this. it's craziness. did i mention i only packed flip flops? not good friends. not good.

also, my flight landed last night at 2am indiana time, 11pm my time. my sister had me drive because i was more awake and it was earlier my time. so, within two miles of midway airport, i got pulled over. oddly enough, i got pulled over by the burbank police. no kidding. so, i got pulled over on cicero. this is not a good area. which, my sister reminded me, "you're in chicago now, keep both hands on the wheel." so, he asked me why i was going 20 over. i told him, i normally drive a wrangler, they just picked me up from midway and i didn't notice i had been going that fast. he said, "an out of state ticket is a pain...not for me, for you. slow down." handed me my ID and took off. thank goodness for the crack dealers that they were really after cause i didn't get a ticket last night. we got to my moms house at 5am, indiana time.

and it's snowing. i don't miss the snow. i don't know much, but i know that.

this little piggy froze to death and this little piggy has frost bite.