Sunday, May 28, 2006

this is my favorite place to go on my day off. i always throw cali in the back of the jeep and head out to the coast to a place called the 'Montage Resort & Spa." my neighbor told me about it because that's where she works. i love it there. it's gorgeous and i can have my dog on the beach. imagine my suprise when today, i get home from the beach at the ole montage and i start flipping through a magazine and i see that the montage isn't just my favorite spot. aparently, that's where jennifer aniston and vince vaughn hang out. who knew? the article that i saw is on the bottom...oh the life style here is odd...

how weird is that?? though, i doubt i'll find myself parking next to them at the meter...hmmm

i saw the video on beckys blog and i thought, i could probably match it. however, the thing that makes my video funnier. is that this is actually my cousin at his wedding. so very very funny. click here to see jeff in his element.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

a friend of mine who just moved here from hawaii, told me this really funny story, he happens to be japanese and lived in hawaii and aparently, while living in hawaii, he and his friends started talking about world war two. my friend says, "yeah, i had family who fought in world war two." his friend says, "that must be akward, having your family history with world war two and living in hawaii." my friend then says, "you jerk, my family was in the u.s. army. they're americans."

i thought that was hysterical. just random bits of funniness from my californian friends, or hawaiian, as the case may be.

love it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well, I'm sure someone got fired:

LONDON, England (AP) -- The BBC interviewed the wrong Guy.

The network has apologized to its viewers for a studio mix up that resulted in a man mistakenly appearing on live television as Guy Kewney -- an expert on Internet music downloads.

In fact the man was Guy Goma, a Congolese man applying for a technology-related job with the British Broadcasting Corp. Goma followed an employee to the studio after a mistake at a reception desk, the corporation said late Monday.

The BBC said it apologized to viewers for any confusion.

The case of mistaken identity occurred on May 8 -- the day Britain's High Court awarded Apple Computer a victory in a lawsuit against Apple Corps, The Beatles' commercial arm.

In a reaction piece following the verdict, the BBC News 24 consumer affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman welcomed someone she believed was computer expert Kewney.

After she introduced him, there was a moment when Goma winced. He scrunched his face in panic and tried to open his mouth as if to explain.

"Were you surprised by this verdict today?" Bowerman asked.

"I'm very surprised to see the verdict come on me because I was not expecting that," he said in a heavy French accent, blinking in the studio lights. "When I came, they told me something else."

Nonplussed, he pressed on, growing more confident in his punditry as the interview progressed. He gamely delivered his opinion on the future of music downloads and cyber cafes following the landmark verdict.

Meanwhile, the real Kewney, who was waiting to be taken to the studio, looked up on a monitor and found another man in the interviewee's chair.

"What would you feel, if while you were sitting in that rather chilly reception area, you suddenly saw yourself not sitting in reception, but live, on TV? A bit surprised?" Kewney wrote on his Web log.

Kewney, who could not be reached for comment Monday, said on his blog that he was amused at first -- but then thought that viewers would think he did not know his subject, hurting his reputation.

Kewney and other media outlets originally reported that Goma was a cab driver -- though the BBC later said the reports were inaccurate.

Producers apparently realized by the end of the interview that something had gone wrong -- and, after they had gone off the air, asked their "expert" if there was a problem.

"He said: 'Well, it was OK, but I was a bit rushed,"' Kewney wrote on his blog.

Goma told the BBC his interview was stressful, but added he was prepared to return to the airwaves. He said he was "happy to speak about any situation," the BBC reported. Officials at BBC declined to comment on whether he would get the job he was applying for.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

another day off.

i had the weekend off again. yesterday, i spent the day trying to get things done. and today, i got to enjoy the sun. it's been overcast for a while so the sun came out and we (the dog and i) jumped in the jeep and headed to the beach.

cali, enjoying the sand

she's still terrified of the water. any water that sits still, she's pretty fine with. however, ocean water, that starts to move toward her, she panics. it's pretty funny actually. she seems fine and then she starts running backwards as fast as she can. people at the beach today were laughing at her. it was so great.

this is the result of being in the jeep and enjoying the sun. i was out for MAYBE an hour. and i have little lobster arms. the worst part, i was wearing a v-neck so it's just sad. i'm glad i have to wear crew neck shirts for work. hopefully this will fade before tomorrow.

this is one of the greatest things i've purchased since moving here. it's an aloe plant. i bought it at ikea. i love it. it looks cool and, when you're an idiot like me, and sunburn your arms and don't own a bottle of aloe or burn cream, it's your backup plan. i looked in the mirror, noticed how the red was getting redder and cut off a branch of the aloe plant. i love it. it's better than the bottled stuff. i feel bad for plucking a limb off the plant i love, but my arms feel better. who knew?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i got a kick out of this picture, this is me and one of my co-workers, enjoying the built in isight on the new mac book pro.

Monday, May 08, 2006

this is pretty stinkin funny... it's a church, that offers the food and cold beer in the fridge for anyone who has been helping with the miner's rescue in austrailia. thought it was entertaining

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Invisible Children

I was watching Oprah the other day and it was a show on the genocide that's happening in dafur and uganda. incredible stuff. she had george clooney on talking about his new mission that he's going after. about fifteen minutes before the show ended, she starts talking about these three college guys that wend to uganda and video taped what they saw. they came home, edited the footage into a documentary and got into an rv and started touring the country trying to bring attention to this issue.

the reason that i bring this up is actually a couple reasons. first, i was amazed that i've met one of these guys. the guy on the far right, his name is laren. incredibly nice guy, i met him at the store. very impressive guy to talk to.

the second reason, something i've never heard of, or maybe i didn't know. something they were calling 'night walkers.' heres what i understood about the story. in uganda, there is this militia type army that raids villages at night and kidnaps their children. children as young as two through fourteen or fifteen and they are forced into the militia. they are forced to fight and forced to kill or, they are forced into sex slavery.
so, to avoid the militia taking them from their village and their family, the children, again, ages two through fifteen, start walking, they walk two hours to get to their destination where they are met by an adult who locks them into a cage type location. it looked just like one of the big dog kennels that people put in their back yard, the chain linked fence kind. they are locked in, until morning. when morning comes, they walk the two hours back home. it makes me want to move to uganda.

you can see their website at they have raised $500,000 and they are still touring the country showing this documentary to anyone who will watch. they were at notre dame in march. anyway, i suggest you take a look it's heartbreaking.